In close association with the United Nations, the Mission of the Dominican Republic to the UN and South-South News, GFDD organizes regular meetings with UN Ambassadors and other prominent figures in the international community in an effort to spread the news, knowledge and understanding of other countries, global issues and work of different United Nations bodies to its audience in the Dominican Republic, the US and around the world.

The monthly series, GFDD Global Roundtable is also a part of GFDD’s program to support the work of the United Nations and, as a non-governmental institution affiliated to it, contribute to the visibility and understanding of its work.

The objective of the program is to:

  • Promote face-to-face interactions and networking between the UN, the GFDD and the GFDD’s related internet community in the US, Latin America and Europe
  • Increase the level of dialogue and discussion of relevant UN topics related to the economic, social, political and cultural development of member states, as well as to the global peace, wellbeing and prosperity
  • Develop alliances with similarly focused institutions for the ongoing exchange of experiences and knowledge, and possibly a development of joint programs
  • Raise public awareness in the Dominican Republic about the critical role of the United Nations both on country and global basis

The high level meetings are held every month at the GFDD’s New York office and transcripts of Q&A as well multimedia material are posted on the GFDD’s website. GFDD’s internet community has the opportunity to participate by sending questions that will be presented to the invited guests. Dominican audiences in New York can apply to participate in person.

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